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Unlike many services that exist for the senior population a Senior Concierge Specialist can offer a custom approach to "aging in place". Our team works closely together to fulfil requests that improve the ability for one to continue their independent lifestyle where they are most comfortable, "at home" as well as continued enjoyment of hobbies, activities, and community involvement. Live your best life! You are worth it!

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Helping Pine Island residents who are displaced with temporary shelter/housing.


2022 Hurricane Ian - Pine Island, Florida. Video production generously donated by Trifocal Marketing.

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​Upon a complimentary consult a specialist will sit down with you to discuss what services you may want to take advantage of to help you achieve your goals. Sometimes regular everyday tasks can become daunting. We help take the stress out and help manage everyday so that you can continue living your independent lifestyle. See our services menu to see some examples of what we offer. Our team of Certified Aging-in Place specialists, senior concierge specialists, house keepers, home maintenance/property managers, along with our partners of medical professionals, engineers, and contractors we can assure success when it comes to you remaining in your home as long as possible. When necessary we work in tandem with home health agencies, doctors, and local outreach programs for optimum support for the client seeking to "Age in Place".

In your consult we will listen to your communicated needs and use a holistic viewpoint to develop a plan to facilitate and fulfill your requests with an organized custom approach. Together we can help you to continue enjoying your independence and vastly enhance your lifestyle. Feel empowered and worry-free! Our team of professionals is ready to serve you, right in our beautiful Southwest Florida!


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